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I’ve managed millions in Google advertising spend and worked on hundreds of campaigns. I’ve also got 6 years experience with two different online marketing agencies. Grow your business with my expertise.

“AHCM engaged Michael to assist in the optimisation of our Google AdWords efforts. He thoroughly revised our entire campaign, including optimising all of the keywords and negative keywords, revising and updating numerous ads and their content. He has completely transformed our campaign. Michael is extremely prompt and efficient. We highly recommend his services, excellent value for money.”
Dr Shaun Canning Managing Director and Principal Heritage Advisor

Zero risk opportunity

You may cancel at any time. I guarantee to improve your return on investment with AdWords or your money back. In the unlikely event you ask for a refund, I will also compensate your pain with two free months of AdWords help*

Don’t go it alone

Ask for help and get more time back in your day. Many people come to me because they tried self-management or a “set and forget it” strategy with little to show for it.

It takes a long time to understand AdWords at an advanced level. Paid search marketing is complicated as shown in the 696 page book called Advanced Google AdWords. Google makes changes to AdWords so often that the book previously mentioned is on its 3rd edition in as many years. And this book doesn't even mention the basics.

Why hire me as your AdWords Manager?

  • I guarantee to boost sales or your money back*
  • I’ve helped hundreds of businesses with online marketing over the years.
  • Unprecedented mix of online marketing & web design skills in one person: 22 years on computers, 15 years developing sites and 6 years in online marketing with a focus on AdWords.
  • I’m a Google Partner. I’ve earned Google’s trust as my clients are happy.[1]
  • It’s an investment in the future of your business.
  • To get the VIP treatment and attention you deserve, I work with only a small number of businesses each month.
  • I’ve attended intense training sessions about Google AdWords with Brad Geddes; he is the author of Advanced Google AdWords and is known as one of the top minds in search engine marketing.[2], [3]
  • I love this stuff. Most of my spare time is spent immersed in all things web design and online marketing. I keep up with the latest technologies and strategies by following popular blogs using my feed reader. I grow my skills by participating in lots of courses, watching training videos and reading tons of books and articles.
  • I can help you beyond AdWords. Ask for advice regarding SEO and running an online business. I’m also a skilled website and landing page designer.

What types of businesses do I work with?

I help Australian businesses of all sizes from small start-ups to enterprise companies. I’ve got experience in almost every industry you can think of.

Already getting assistance from an AdWords Agency? Then it’s time to make a change if they are failing to deliver results.

Why choose a freelancer over a big company?

Big does not mean better. Instead throw away your assumptions about size of a company. Your success is not relative to employee numbers or the size of their office space. Instead your success depends on who is going to do the work.

I do the work; don’t get put on auto pilot and forgotten about. The web is full of stories about employees, at big companies, on ‘gag orders’ not to tell clients they ‘manage’ over ‘100 campaigns’. [4],[5],[7] That means each client only gets 1.6 hours of work a month. In this situation, very few businesses get what they pay for.

Large AdWords Agencies will often neglect their small to medium business (SMBs) clients. ‘Unless you're spending a lot of [money], you [may not] have a dedicated rep’ [6] and ‘they [may not] spend as much as an hour per month on a clients campaign.’ [4]

Get more work done for less: A freelancer passes on considerable savings as they have little to no overheads when compared to Agencies.

Also consider this: An agency only opens Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm. This means if something goes wrong on Friday night, you won’t get help until Monday morning. But with me, I work 7 days a week, often until 1am in the morning. As a freelancer, I can truly take care of your account every day.

What to be cautious of when hiring an AdWords Manager?


Fixed Term Contracts

Sign a fixed-term contract at your own peril; often the only way out of a contract is to wait until it expires. Contracts put you at risk of having to stay for months despite horrible results. I win loyalty with results not fixed-term contracts; I allow you to cancel at any time.


Multi-service Companies Will Neglect AdWords

If an online marketing company offers a long list of services then they are a “jack of all trades and a master of none.” You want a specialist that focuses exclusively on AdWords.


Inexperienced Junior Staff

You can meet with a person who has a decade’s worth of experience, but will they be the one managing your ad campaigns? Check credentials to be certain you are not working with an amateur. [7]


Reduce Advertising Spend

It appears most of my competitors say “they will help you spend less on advertising.” They obviously don’t know about Google’s 3 stages of growth. [8] You won't save money by spending less on something that gives you say $14 for every $1 you invest, in fact you will be leaving money on the table. You need to invest money in marketing to make money.



Watch out for “snake oil salesmen” who promise the world with their “secret sauce.” Don’t be the fool that falls for these cloak and dagger sales gimmicks. Most of these “secrets” are fairly well known. Don’t work with someone that says “trust me, I know the magic formula.” Instead, trust transparency, a person who tells you exactly what they’re going to do.


A Focus on Clicks Instead of Conversions

Pay attention to signs you are working with an amateur. Most AdWords managers focus on half the equation: clicks, quality score and cost per click. It’s more important to focus on the metrics that make you money: conversion volume, cost per lead, revenue per visitor (RPV) and return on advertising spend (ROAS).


Loss of Data

All the work done on your AdWords account should belong to you. Check terms and conditions as many AdWords providers say: ‘If you decide to [leave then] all [your] existing AdWords campaigns will be deleted’.[9]


Pay a Percentage of Spend

Companies who take this method of payment can put your business at the mercy of “greed.” Peddlers of “percentage of spend” can be motivated to spend more of your money, regardless of value, as they will earn more.


Companies That Ignore Your Input

Be careful as some companies fail to listen. I’ve heard stories of some PPC agencies saying to customers ‘if you don’t like the wording of the ads, well that’s just too bad.’ [10]


Automated Programs

Some PPC companies will tout glorified automated programs that claim to replace real people. It all sounds great in theory, but in reality these tools do little more than simply adjust bids.


Zero Questions

It is important that your new AdWords manager speaks with you at length. How will anyone write great ads or choose the right keywords if they don’t understand your business?

AdWords help from less than $10 per day

You need to invest money in marketing to make money; the extra profit you make will far outweigh my fees. Get more leads and sales, month after month.
Pick the plan that is right for you.

Don’t break the bank


almost $10 a day Pick this if your monthly ad spend is $500 to $2,999.

Best value for money





less than $19 a day Ideal choice if your monthly ad spend is $3,000 to $7,999.

For those big budgets


more than $73 a day For large companies with complex requirements.
  1. To know how much each plan costs a month—simply multiply the weekly cost by the average number of weeks in a month (4.34). Add another $70 per week to the cost of the plan if you’re an E-commerce store: this is due to the extra complexity of managing product listing campaigns in addition to the typical search campaigns.
  2. I perform as many optimisation tasks as possible within the time allotted by the plan you select. Every dollar you pay me goes to actual work hours. I sell my time at $100 an hour.
  3. Search campaigns drive more conversions than display, this is because it targets the active searcher, who is on a mission to find something. [11] I recommend you only advertise to the search network if you’ve got a limited budget.
  4. I will set you up with text ads for your remarketing or display campaigns. There is a separate cost if you require graphic banner ads.
  5. Only applicable to Ecommerce sites.
  6. Client is responsible for creating and updating Google Merchant Center feed if chooses the ‘Don’t break the bank’ plan.

Need help choosing? Call today and I’ll help you select a plan that suits your requirements.

Don’t shop on price alone

A really low price is a clear indicator of inexperience, cutting corners, automation or no work at all. There are plenty of fraudsters out there happy to charge you $100 a month.

We’ve all tried the cheap option at some point and lived to regret it. Eventually we all learn to buy on value and not price.

AdWords is an investment that can make or lose you money, depending on the quality of advice and help you get. Keep in mind the quality to price ratio – remember: “You get what you pay for.”

Ask for my help: AdWords requires lots of attention

You're probably doing AdWords wrong; here is a list of tasks that will make your AdWords a success.


Close attention to performance data

I use conversion tracking to determine the profitability of each keyword and ad. This analysis of performance statistics reveals “what is” and “what is not” performing well. I expand on what works and remove or optimise unprofitable ads and keywords.


Learn the ins and outs of your business

I’ll get to know your products and services in detail by reading every page on your site. I will also talk with you at length to further my understanding of your business.


Run bid and budget experiments

A greater share of the budget is allocated to more profitable campaigns. I establish initial bids, and then make regular adjustments, based on how much profit a keyword generates compared to its cost.[13] For keywords that show profit, I increase bids to improve ad position, this results in your profitable keywords getting more visits, and as a result you can expect an increase in conversion volume.[12], [14], [15], [16]


Creation of high-converting Ads

I write ads that are super specific to each keyword, this brings the right customers to your site. There are many subtleties to writing successful ad copy and it is a challenge to fit everything you want to say in only 95 characters of ad space.[18] Google AdWords uses an auction system that rewards high-quality ads with lower costs and better ad placement.[17]


In-depth keyword research

I use multiple methods to come up with thousands of relevant keyword ideas. My keyword discovery techniques consist of: keyword research tools, brainstorming, study of your competitors, looking over your site and my ever-growing database of high-converting keywords that are segmented by industry.


Select only profit-driving keywords

Not all keywords are created equal, only about 10% of searches are transactional. [19],[20] Thousands of keywords are discovered in the research phase, but the real time consuming task is separating the good keywords from the bad.


Add negative keywords to prevent wasted spend

I build extensive negative keyword lists to stop your ads from showing to people searching for things that you don’t offer.[21]


Scrutinise your search terms report

I look at every word that caused your ads to be shown and clicked.[22] This report reveals all your profitable and losing search queries. All profitable keywords get added to a managed campaign. Any search term that loses you money is added as a negative.


A better organised account structure

Each of your product and service categories are organised into separate campaigns. I then put closely related keywords into the same ad group. The benefit of this tightly themed structure is improvements in quality score, budget management and ad relevance. All new accounts start with discovery campaigns, I then promote all keywords that show profit into a managed campaign. This segmentation allows me to tightly control the performance of your most valuable keywords. Every profitable search term is set to exact match and is put in a SKAG (Single Keyword Ad Group).[23], [24], [25]


Create and optimise landing pages

Far too many business owners ‘refuse to acknowledge that their website is a disaster zone.’ [26] It takes a conversion-friendly website to be successful with AdWords. There is an additional charge if you require me to create a landing page or redesign your website.


Setup remarketing ads

Remarketing brings back people who have previously visited your website. Repeated exposure to a marketing message helps convince a person to take action.


A/B split test to find the ad that works best

A/B testing is a strategy in which you compare the performance of two or more ads against each other, to ultimately find a better ad than the control (currently used version), one that generates more leads at a cheaper rate. [27]


Place ads on a variety of sites

Display advertising lets you put ads on websites that are relevant to what you’re selling. [28] You can place advertisements on major Australian websites such as smh.com.au, news.com.au, ninemsn, etc.


Configure conversion and call tracking

Take the guess work out which ads and keywords bring you customers.


Reporting and communication

Log-in anytime you please and check on your account. Each month you will be emailed a detailed report and I’ll call to discuss progress. You can also email or call whenever you like.


Competitor research

I use the auction insight report to compare your performance with other advertisers who participate in the same auctions as you. [29] I also use a variety of other tools, such as SEMrush, to look at the keywords and ads used by your competitors.


Setup the different types of ad extensions

Ad extensions give people more of a reason to click on your ad. Ad extensions allow you to show extra information that makes your ad bigger and more compelling.[30]


Promote your products on Google using shopping campaigns

This involves uploading your products into a Google Merchant Centre account and creating a shopping campaign in Google AdWords.[31]


Control which searches can trigger your ad

Implement a match type strategy for greater control over who sees your ads.


Monitor all the moving parts

My daily routine involves reviewing how your ads and keywords are performing.


Target your ads to only the locations you serve

A good strategy is to focus more of your advertising efforts and budget on locations where your ads perform best.[32]


Use Ad scheduling (also known as day-parting)

A common strategy is to only show your ads during business hours when you’re there to handle customer enquiries. Once you gather enough data to spot a trend, adjust your ad schedule so that your ads only appear on higher-converting days or times.[33]


Improve quality score

Each keyword receives a quality score from 1 to 10, where 10 is the highest. A high quality score can improve your ad position and lower your cost-per-click.[34]


Drive calls to your business

Setup call only ads to get people to call you straight from your ads instead of just sending them to your website.[35]


Why Should Anyone Do Business With You?

Improve your offer to convert more of your visitors. Online shoppers will compare your products against many alternatives, visiting several sites before committing to a purchase. You won’t survive in today’s crowded marketplace if your offer is bland and uninspiring.[36]

Your Questions, My Answers

1. Your competition is investing heavily in Google AdWords

The bulk of Google’s $66 billion dollar revenue in 2014 came from its advertising service, Google AdWords.[2]

2. Faster results — send potential customers to your website in just minutes

It takes only minutes to start receiving visitors to your website after launching an AdWords campaign. SEO is often a long and stressful road with no guarantee any visitors will arrive at your website.

3. Use AdWords to appear at the top of the search results and target any keyword

Three to four Ads show above the search results in Google; so for highly commercial queries, you won’t ever be number one using SEO—the best you can do is #4 or #5.[1]

AdWords enables you to display your site on the first page of Google for any keyword; with SEO — you can only rank well for keywords that your website is directly built around.

4. AdWords is a more reliable investment

The biggest downfall of SEO is that is unpredictable, your organic rankings in Google are largely out of your control. You can work for years and finally get the natural search traffic you want, but you never know how long it is going to last. SEO traffic is so volatile it can disappear overnight, it takes only one algorithm update[4] or a few competitors doing SEO better, and then all of sudden your traffic is gone. There are lots of SEO horror stories on the web, such as ‘eBay’s Google rankings across a range of search results just collapsing.’ [3]

Some industries are dominated by stiff competition, you may find it impossible to displace your competitors with SEO and rank high for your target keywords. It takes considerable time and there is no guarantee any visitors will arrive at your site as a result of SEO.

5. AdWords visitors are more likely to buy

Studies show that people who click Google search ads have a 35% greater intent to purchase compared to visits from organic search. [5]

6. Gives you greater control over your marketing

AdWords has countless configuration options. You have the power to decide which page a visitors sees, what countries/locations see the ad, what time your ads are seen and so much more. You can quickly change most paid search settings. SEO changes are more time consuming and some cannot be changed.

7. You only pay for results

You can invest heavily in SEO and never receive a single visitor, some people find it a very expensive hit and miss activity. With AdWords — you only pay when a person clicks your ad to visit your website. In other words, when your advertising is working. [6]

What about social media compared to AdWords?

There is more intent to buy with users of Google search then those of Facebook. Research shows that social media rarely results in purchases online. [7]

AdWords is the best choice when it comes to online marketing

If you’ve got unlimited marketing dollars, then diversify and invest in SEO, AdWords and Social Media. But if you’ve got only a small marketing budget like most SMBs, the best investment is in AdWords.

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AdWords Partner

I am a Google certified partner. The partner program is a way for Google to highlight companies with happy customers that use best practices.[1]

The requirements for Google Partner certification are as follows:

  1. At least one person must pass the AdWords fundamentals exam and one advanced exam.[2]
  2. Meet the spend requirement across your managed accounts. Show spend of at least $10,000 over the last 90 days. [2]
  3. Implement the recommended best practices in your client accounts to show you are maximizing their AdWords performance.[2]

Be cautious if dealing with a company that makes a big deal about their partner status. It is not an elite group as Google has over 5,000 Partners worldwide.[1] You can easily cheat to pass the AdWords exam. It is a “take home” test done on your computer without supervision.

A driver’s license doesn’t make you an elite race car driver. In the same way, partner status doesn’t make you an expert with AdWords.

Becoming an AdWords certified partner is easy. But do avoid non-certified companies as this indicates either incompetence, laziness or they just started.

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At the start of every month, you receive a report that shows in detail the previous month’s performance. There is an easy to read summary and lots of detailed pages that show how your ads and keywords performed.

You don’t need to wait for the monthly report to satisfy your curiosity, you can login anytime to your AdWords account and check results.

AdWords doesn’t work for some people because, more often than not, you get a few things wrong, such as:

  • Your website is a disaster zone [1]
  • You are not using landing pages [2]
  • Targeting keywords that are either too broad, not relevant, or have awful quality scores.
  • Your ads aren’t relevant [3]
  • Your competition has a better value proposition [4]
  • Your lazy and don’t spend enough time optimising.
  • You’ve got unrealistic expectations. The average cost per click is between $1 and $2 on the search network. But if you target keywords in highly competitive industries, like law, it can cost a lot more per click. [5]
  • You target people in a geographic location you cannot help. For example, your ads show in Brisbane when you only service the Sydney area.
  • You’re making lots of mistakes in AdWords just like eBay.[6]
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Bing Ads Accredited

I am also a Bing Ads Accredited Professional.

I support the 2 major search advertising platforms from Google and Bing. Yahoo no longer runs a separate search advertising service in Australia. Yahoo has joined the Google Partner Network.[1], [2]

I focus on Google because it has 93.03% market share in Australia; Bing is almost not worth the distraction at 4.78% and Yahoo is almost useless at 1.11%.[3]

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